Non Destructive Testing

At Streval Ltd. we excel in the area of non destructive testing. We can carry out the following NDT investigations:

  • Ground penetrating radar for stratification, buried objects, utility location, concrete investigation, water saturation and concrete condition.
  • Ultrasonic Pulse velocity.
  • Schmidt Rebound Hardness.
  • Ultrasonic Pulse Echo for concrete voiding, concrete thickness, and honeycombing.
  • Impact response (s’MASH) for uniformity assessment of plate like structures.
  • Impact echo for slab thickness.
  • Ultrasonic metal thickness measurement.
  • Back scattered electromagnetic response (BSEF) analysis of GPR data for water saturation and voiding.
  • Electromagnetic location of utilities.
  • 4 probe concrete resistivity to understand porosity.
  • Rebound metal hardness.
  • Half-cell corrosion rate measurement.
  • Screed drop hammer test for screed hardness.
500MHz GPR Head Scanning Wharf