Structural Testing

Our Structural Testing and Investigation Department provides clients with a wide range of specialist investigation services focused on giving accurate and structure-specific condition assessments that will enable cost effective repair, rehabilitation, or renovation solutions to be prepared.

We provide rapid, reliable and focused structural testing and investigation services using the latest testing equipment and techniques.  All our services are carried out to the latest European and British standards. For residential and commercial building investigations, we utilise BRE (Building Research Establishment) Digest 444 In order to classify and present results from site investigations.

We pride ourselves on our in-depth comprehensive reporting and accompanying CAD drawings. We aim to provide the best structural testing and investigation service available on the market guaranteeing you benefit from our expertise and experience.

Structural Testing & Investigation

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Structural Investigation Services

Streval Ltd. work closely with Structural Engineers and Civil Engineers to carry out structural testing & investigations to establish structural detail and load bearing capacity. Work undertaken includes:

  • Non destructive Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) surveys of structural elements and below ground buried objects to depths of 10m.
  • Plate bearing capacity of subbase materials to determine ground bearing capacity of a slab.
  • Breakout of structural concrete elements to confirm NDT readings from cover meters & GPR.
  • Measurements of structural elements.
  • Construction method and detail.
  • Compressive strength from concrete cores (BS EN 13791 & BS EN 12504-1), Schmidt hammer readings (BS EN 13791 & BS EN 12504-2) or ultrasonic pulse velocity readings (BS EN 12504-4).
Breakout Of Precast Concrete Panels