Structural Steel Testing

We at Streval can carry out structural steel testing to the highest professional standards. We have worked on a regional and national basis providing our structural evaluation services for many years. We have a team of engineers and assessors who work hand in hand on any structural steel testing projects: using expertise gained through experience to complete the job correctly and safely. In addition to this, our structural steel testing experts work closely with the client to ensure expectations are both met and understood at every stage of the process. With years of industry experience as well as a wealth of client experience, the team at Streval can complete structural steel testing of varying scale efficiently and professionally. For more information on our structural steel testing service, contact us below. 

Non Destructive Testing for Steel Structures

Our team can carry out non destructive testing for steel structures. For a variety of businesses in a range of industries, structural steel testing is vitally important. By testing steel structures, businesses are able to identify poor design, faults or complications with the structural integrity. In many cases, this allows a business to preemptively create solutions that will save the structure and, potentially, save lives. Our team relies on the latest technologies to adhere to modern industry standards. When we complete non destructive testing for steel structures, we may pay attention to the following:

  • Defects and assessment of failure if applicable for cause 
  • Coatings and materials for indication of corrosion 
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) for crack location
  • Removal of a physical sample for tensile strength testing in a UKAS Laboratory

These are only a few examples of the kinds of tests our team will carry out as part of our non destructive testing for steel structures. We strive to work closely with our clients at every stage, and will be in contact with you throughout the process to discuss findings and explore strategy.

Removing Reinforcing Steel For Tensile Testing